Practice Areas

Corporate Transactions

Whether you are buying your dream business or selling to move on to new adventures, the team at Gough Legal Group will partner with you to close the deal.

Business Law

Our lawyers are devoted to helping you grow your business. From formation to succession, our proactive approach allows you to focus on what you do best–running your business.

FinCen Compliance

Millions of small entities across the country are expected to file beneficial ownership reports with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. We guide clients through the reporting process, including what, whether, and when to file. 

Business Development

We love working with entrepreneurs and small business owners. We use a proprietary strategic planning process to protect our clients and keep them working toward their goals.

Corporate Governance

Governing documents play a vital role in ensuring that ownership and authority are both clearly defined. Our team can help you establish and maintain structure.


Every estate plan is different, so when it comes to ensuring your wishes come to fruition, the best practice is to work with attorneys who understand what you want and can craft a custom solution.


Our practice utilizes a goal-oriented legal optimization process carefully crafted to facilitate collaboration and communication between our firm and our clients.
At Gough Legal Group, our vision is to re-imagine what it means to practice law.


We employ an innovative, business-friendly framework, which enables our clients to grow, catalyze creativity, and prime success. This allows our clients to avoid pitfalls and instead focus on achieving their goals, one milestone at a time. At Gough Legal Group, our vision is to re-imagine what it means to practice law.