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Bring a lawyer onto your team to help you optimize your legal department and minimize liability. The Attorney Plus subscription plan is thoughtfully designed to boost entrepreneurs, startups, young companies, and small businesses by providing convenient access to legal guidance.

    Add a Legal Guide To Your Team


    Build a Legal Foundation

    Businesses that are properly structured attract investors and customers alike. That’s why, as a Subscriber, the first thing you will do is meet with an Attorney to craft a legal action plan designed to optimize your legal department and minimize liability, personal or otherwise. You will continue to receive help building your legal foundation and tracking your milestones through quarterly meetings.

    Entity Maintenance

    Subscribers enjoy worry-free entity maintenance provided by our experienced team, including:

    • Beneficial Ownership Report Compliance
    • Business Entity Report
    • Registered Agent Service
    • Annual Meeting Minutes
    • Quarterly File Review
    Get Proactive Legal Advice

    It shouldn’t cost money to tell your attorney about a legal issue. Now it doesn’t. Attorney Plus plan members get free 1/2 hour consultations per legal issue. Big legal issues can easily shut down an otherwise healthy business–Attorney Plus works proactively to both stop current issues and prevent future ones.

    Professional Contract Review

    Contracts are the lifeblood of business. That’s why you should make sure your attorney knows what’s in a contract before you sign it. With Professional Contract Review, Subscribers can submit up to two six-page contracts per month for review. Receive timely, professional analysis that will put your mind at ease.

    Discounted Legal Services

    Subscribers receive a discount on select legal services, including work included in the legal action plan.

    No Long-Term Commitment

    The Attorney Plus plan operates on a month-to-month basis. Clients can cancel anytime without incurring additional fees.

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      Our practice utilizes a goal-oriented legal optimization process carefully crafted to facilitate collaboration and communication between our firm and our clients.
      At Gough Legal Group, our vision is to re-imagine what it means to practice law.


      We employ an innovative, business-friendly framework, which enables our clients to grow, catalyze creativity, and prime success. This allows our clients to avoid pitfalls and instead focus on achieving their goals, one milestone at a time. At Gough Legal Group, our vision is to re-imagine what it means to practice law.